10-year anniversary of brutal Clearwater murders, still no arrest

Mother and 2-year-old son stabbed to death

CLEARWATER, Fla. - "This is the most brutal offense I've ever seen, and I want him to be made to answer for it," said Clearwater police detective Christopher Lyons.

Ten years after it happened, Lyons is still trying to track the man he believes stabbed a mother and her 2-year-old son to death. That suspect is Gilberto Juarez Hernandez.

"Anytime I have free time from active cases that I do now, I dedicate to this," said Lyons.  He said it is his mission.

The murders happened on July 19, 2003 in an apartment at 400 San Remo Avenue.

Petra Martin was killed along with her son Uriel, a child who had already been through so much in his young life.

"Uriel was undergoing cancer treatment at that time, he was in remission, at the time of his murder," said Lyons.

A bloody fingerprint inside the apartment eventually led police to Juarez-Hernandez, who had no obvious ties to the victims.

Detective Lyons found some of his family members in Des Moines, Iowa where he'd once been arrested.

He says Juarez-Hernandez could be hiding there, or he may have fled to Mexico.  But he could also still be here in Tampa Bay.

"I just need that one tip, that one lead that's going to generate information that's going to lead to his arrest," said Lyons.

Martin's 8-month-old baby girl was in the home at the time of the killings, but she was not hurt.

If you've got information on where Gilbert Juarez-Hernandez may be, call police at 727-562-4080.

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