Emergency 911 call tapes robbery victim turning the tables

Lutz man wrestles gun away from robber

LUTZ, Fla. - A Pasco County man robbed at gunpoint fought back. He wrestled the gun away from the robber, and the bad guy came back asking for the weapon. All of it was recorded by 911 tapes.

"Somebody just tried to rob me," said the man on the phone with a 911 operator.

Investigators say the man had just been robbed while he was walking near the club house in the Carpenter Run neighborhood in Lutz.  But the victim was able to turn the tables and take the gun away.

"I got their gun laying here on the ground," the victim told a 911 dispatcher.  "I took it from him."

After the robbery, the victim called his mother and then 911.  He was still worried the suspected robber, later identified by the Sheriff's Office as Jerry Pissott, would come back.  "I'm scared to walk away from this gun sir. Really," said the victim.

The 911 operator responded, "I understand sir, we are just trying to find out where you are."

Victim: "He was trying to kill me."

Seconds later, Pissott did return with another man who the victim recognized from the neighborhood.

"They are coming back at me. The truck's coming at me. The truck's coming at me.  I got their gun pointed at them," the victim nervously yelled into the phone.

Even with the victim holding the weapon, Pissott approached him, demanding his gun back. But the victim stood his ground.

The recordings then reveal the victim yelling at the suspected robber.  "Get back in your truck.  I know (it's your gun) and you tried to shoot me with it.  You see who's got the gun. Your gun that you tried to shoot me with."

The robbery took place just before the New Year, but deputies didn't arrest Pissott until last week. He is already out on bail, but facing armed robbery charges.

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