Doctor: Football is dangerous and should be banned

LUTZ, Fla. - Every Friday night all across the Tampa Bay area, there are big games, big crowds, and big hits.

"Football is a great sport," said Sam Wolfson.  "It shows a lot of teamwork."  Wolfson plays defensive end at Steinbrenner High in Lutz.

He says some of those hits do take their toll.  "I've had my bell rung a couple times, it's not a good feeling."

It's the exposure to head trauma and the long-term effects that led New Hampshire school board member Dr. Paul Butler to discuss a ban on high school football in his town.

"The literature is clear, this is a dangerous game to be playing."

ESPN Sports Science demonstrated just how powerful big hits can be, comparing them to a sledge hammer to the head.

"A game that uses the head as a battering ram is not a smart game to allow a youngster to play."

Steinbrenner High coach Andres Perez says they take player safety very seriously.

"Heck, every coach in the county now, it doesn't matter what sport you coach, you are learning about concussions. You are taking concussion training, several training courses, the technology, the helmets."

There's also more emphasis on how to avoid those crushing hits that can lead to concussions.

"You tackle with your shoulder. Not lead with your head. You never want to lead with your head."

Dr. Butler's proposal to ban high school football has received national attention with many saying his ideas are way too extreme.

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