Customers say Walmart sent cops to announce an out-of-stock Black Friday sale item

LUTZ, Fla. - "It was handled very poorly," said Cheri Schabel.

She says she was trying to get what the Walmart Black Friday ad promised.

"This is the $98, 32 inch LED TV that we were interested in purchasing with the one hour in stock guarantee," Schabel pointed out.

But Schabel said within ten minutes, all of the $98 TVs at the Lutz store were gone and so were the vouchers for the guaranteed price.

"People were very unhappy about the situation and many people just did not want to leave," Schabel recalled.

When customers asked for an explanation, Schabel said instead of sending a manager, cops came.

Initially Walmart sent a sheriff's deputy out to the crowd to give them the bad news. When ABC Action News asked for clarification, Danit Marquardt, a Walmart Spokesperson sent us the following statement:

"It is always our goal to take care of our customers - especially on an important shopping day like Black Friday. We are looking into it now."

"They could have done it on a personal level rather than just having the deputies come and do it."

Lutz wasn't the only place where Walmart had problems. In North Carolina, a fight broke out inside the store after customers starting arguing over discounted TVs. One man was thrown to the ground and an officer had to use handcuffs.

But in Lutz, Schabel said after Walmart sent police instead of a manager to explain why they couldn't deliver on the deal, she and her husband are reconsidering where to spend their money.

"He does not want to shop there again and all for the $98 dollar TV.  And I don't think, for them, it's worth losing a customer over one item."

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