Hillsborough County Sheriff deputies investigate fatal shooting at Club 301

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man and accused him of killing a woman outside Club 301 early Sunday morning.
Deputies said Dougie Glidden killed Maribel Sanchez-Garza, 49, in a drive-by shooting at 8222 US Hwy 301 around 3:00 a.m.
Witnesses said the shooting came from a Hispanic man who had been pepper-sprayed and ejected from the club.  They saw him shooting from the back seat of a white, four-door traveling northbound on 301.
Surveillance video shows the man leaving the club and smashing out the passenger side window of a white truck, using his forearms and fists.
He suffered severe cuts and lacerations and began bleeding profusely. A blood trail led to a rear parking lot where deputies found a .380 casing and projectile.
Video then shows a white, Jeep Cherokee SUV four-door leaving the scene, heading northbound on US Hwy 301 and passing in front of the nightclub. The suspect then fired 5-6 shots in the direction of the club.
Later that afternoon, around 4:30 p.m., Glidden, 18, went to South Florida Baptist Hospital with severe lacerations and bruising to his arms and fists.  He made statements indicating he had been pepper sprayed and had broken a window.
Detectives said they found a Taurus .380 in Glidden's bedroom during a search, along with bloody clothing worn at the club.
The white, Jeep Cherokee was located at a friend's house and impounded. 
Glidden was arrested and faces a count of second-degree murder.
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