Shooting victim says God blessed him with second chance, as bullet grazed his head and arm

Deputies still looking for shooter or shooters

TAMPA, Fla. - One of the men shot at a Carrollwood nightclub early Sunday morning says he's alive today by the grace of God.

Yakim Williams was grazed by two bullets, one in the head and another to his left arm, while he left the Whiskey North nightclub.

The wound on his head was so big, it needed 15 staples to close up.

"I'm just happy to be alive, that's all,," he said. "God blessed me with a second chance."

Williams was one of hundreds who were in the parking lot of the bar around closing time when the sheriff's office says one or two gunmen fired off as many as 20 rounds.

At least half the bullets hit a Mercedes Benz that customers hid behind.

"I don't know what was going through my head. It was just 'duck for coverage, don't get shot, go home and try to make it home safe.'  That's all I was thinking," Williams said.

He tells us he was hit by the bullets while on the ground.

"It was a very chaotic scene. There were people running all over the place, trying to take cover and that in fact has been an obstacle for detectives trying to put together what happened at that point," said Samara Sodos with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators released surveillance photos of two cars that may be linked to the shooters. They believe the gunmen were aiming for somebody, but are working out the details.

Williams said he doesn't know who they are, but would love to ask why they shot at him.

"You can't explain it, it's a horrible feeling to get shot," he said.

Investigators identified the other victim of the shooting as Sheldon Lillie. His mother told ABC Action News that he was hit in the shoulder, and that he is also an innocent bystander.

This is the second shooting at Whiskey North in the last six months. In July, a man was shot to deal over a dispute with a girlfriend.

The sheriff's office says the violence at the nightclub is a big concern, and deputies plan to meet with management to try and figure out how to make it a safer place.

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