Youth football and cheerleading program in Brandon ousted from local conference for "practice"

Dance by 7 cheerleaders ends season for all

BRANDON - The Brandon Bears are having trouble believing their season is over and struggling to understand the mysterious ways of grown ups.

"I started crying when I heard about the news," said JV cheerleader, Aloanys Gil-Ramos.

The bad news came this weekend after seven members of the 34 member cheerleading squad took video of an impromptu cheer routine at a family barbeque and posted it on Facebook.

The post came to the attention of the Board of the Tri-County Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference which decided it was an unauthorized practice.  
"They said we had a violation and that's the way it is. Sorry for your luck. Just move on and deal with it," lamented the Bears' athletic director.
The punishment from TCYFCC was swift and severe.

Not only were all five cheerleading squads banned from next weekend's cheer off, but the football players, who have gone undefeated into the playoffs, have been banned from their Super Bowl.

It's a decision that baffles the boys and the girls.

"Why should the football players be banned? They didn't have anything to do with it," asked 6th grader Donielle Smith.

In fact, the entire Brandon Bears organization, with 25 years of championship trophies, has been kicked out of the conference for a practice the organization called a 'competitive advantage.'

"What competitive advantage did my football players receive from the seven girls in a living room?" asked Brian Jones.

Jones claims the league changed the written rules that specify the punishment for situations like this after the alleged violation occurred and suggested a competing team with representation on the TCYFCC board might now go to the Super Bowl with the Bears out of the picture.

Jones' son, Isaac, one of the sidelined Bears, doesn't blame the cheerleaders.

"No, they were having fun."
Greg Stallings, the president of the TCYFCC didn't return our request for comment.

Vice President Chris McMath also declined to comment.

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