Two dogs discovered in Valrico tethered to a stake without any water, shade

For years, Darold Stallard thought something was strange about the constantly barking dogs at the Valrico home directly behind his. However, he never imagined it was this bad.
Their owner, Luciana Manganelli, 35, is now facing animal cruelty charges after a neighbor called to complain about dogs crying out in distress on Wednesday evening.
According to investigators, Manganelli's two dogs, Lola and Bear, were found tethered to a stake in her back yard suffering from a heat stroke.
"There was no access to water or shelter," said animal abuse investigator Cpl. Ken Vetzel. "There was no way for them to escape the sun."
One of the dogs was reportedly tangled in the cable so badly that she could no longer stand up.
According to Hillsborough County's veterinary medical director, Dr. Lisa Centonze, their internal body temperatures were fatally high at greater than 107 and 109 degrees Fahrenheit.
An average body temperature for dogs ranges between 100 and 102.5 degrees. 
"It's miraculous that they're alive," said Centonze. "Usually dogs that have a temperature of 108 don't survive."
The dogs do not show any signs of organ damage or failure so far, but they are under close observation. 
The county is planning to petition for their custody.
Manganelli is currently out on bond. According to Vetzel, her charges carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison.
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