Girl, 7, hit by car near school bus stop

VALRICO, Fla. - A girl was struck Wednesday morning by a car passing a school bus in Valrico, according to witnesses.

Deputies with Hillsborough County said the girl's father had just let her out of his car and she ran across the front of his car to catch the bus.  Another car was passing and struck the 7-year-old's arm, leaving a small scrape.

The girl has been identified as Analis Polanco.  She was treated at the scene near the residential intersection of Summer Cruise Dr. and Pine Top Dr.  Her father, Anthony, told ABC Action News that he tried to get the driver to slow down in the very congested area, but couldn't.

"She didn't pay attention 'cuz she's trying to beat the red "stop" sign," he said. "And what happens is I'm out here, my daughter is walking around the front and the lady squeezed by here.  BOOM!  Hits my daughter." 

Witnesses said yellow lights were flashing on the bus, and the electronic stop signals on the bus had not yet engaged when the car bumped the girl.

No citation was issued to the other driver. 

Editors Note: Original reports indicated the child was 11 years old.

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