Candlelight memorial held for victims of Connecticut shooting

Bay area remembers Connecticut shooting victims

VALRICO, Fla. - Families from Connecticut to Florida are feeling the emotion from Friday's deadly shooting. Saturday night, more than a dozen parents and kids gathered for a special candlelight memorial.

The group sang and offered their prayers and support. Candles lit up the sidewalk by Alafia Elementary, representing each shooting victim.

Jessica Hinson volunteers at Alafia and her son attends the school. She organized the event. Hinson said, "I think when any parent or any human being hears that kind of news, they immediately... their heart just stops."

Cherice Lewis-Krohn also went to the memorial. She has three kids. Two of them go to Alafia Elementary. She says one of the hardest parts of the past two days was finding the right way to tell her children about it. Lewis-Krohn said, "I had to bring them all in. Sit them down. My husband and I explained that something bad happened, but [ followed with], he who is in us is bigger than he who is in the world."

Mindy Huelle also came to show her support tonight. She's a therapist, but still has a hard time wrapping her mind around the tragedy. Huelle said, "I know that often, people have thoughts of doing this, but, you don't think that someone would put it into action. It's very scary."

But, tonight's message is to turn fright and sorrow into a joyful tribute. Hinson said, "We thought we'd get together and mourn for them and hope that they know that our prayers are with them and our thoughts are with them."

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