Valrico Town and Country Mobile Home Park has nine open code enforcement cases

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla - Walk around Nathan Hojewski's Valrico mobile home and you cannot miss the smell of raw sewage wafting through the humid air.

"It's disgusting," he said.

Hojewski is among a handful of people living at Valrico Town and Country Mobile Home Park at 1221 N. Valrico Road  who have complained to their managers and the property owner.

"The landlords have been notified. The owners have been notified, and they haven't done anything about it," he added.

Another tenant, Charles Staninger, claimed that when he complained he was threatened with eviction.

Hojewski told ABC Action News he has been living with raw sewage since May 5, and he cannot take it anymore.

ABC Action News took the tenant's problems to Jim Blinck, the head of Hillsborough County Code Enforcement.

"Sewage on the ground is definitely a public health issue," said Jim Blinck.

Blinck searched code enforcement data and found the park has nine open investigations that date to January.

It is noted that owner Paul Comingore made some improvements, like replacing windows on Staninger's home that would not open and replacing Staninger's floors and fixing holes in floors and roofs.

However, Comingore is still not in compliance with dozens of other violations, including the roach infestation in Staninger's house.

"Wife gets up in the morning to go to work and they're having a party in our kitchen," he said.

As temperatures reach the high 80s, Staninger and his family are without a working air conditioning unit. He said they try to keep the house as cool as possible because it will keep the roaches in the walls and off their dinner table.

However, Staninger said he complained about the lack of air conditioning days ago and it is still not fixed. He said it is extremely important that it gets repaired immediately because his daughter suffers from asthma and struggles to breathe in the heat.

"I want them to learn you can't treat people horribly," Staninger said.

Staninger showed ABC Action News some of the repairs made to his home. He feels they are nothing more than quick fixes.

"They use regular trim, not even treated and you get mold," Staninger said while pointing to the bare wood installed in his shower.

Blinck said that one of the problems they've repeatedly found in multiple houses at the park is the lack of ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets (GFCI). This type of outlet constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit and protects people from electrical shock.

ABC Action News did reach out to Comingore for comment, but he did not immediately return our call.

When we took the concerns to property managers, they declined to comment on camera. A code violation sticker was also on the front door of the leasing office citing multiple non-compliance issues. It was placed on the door this week.

They did say all the units in the park were recently remodeled.

Blinck said code enforcement will now move to fine Comingore in all the cases. He plans to schedule hearings in all the cases.

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