Valrico residents angry about neighbor's copter

Neighbors who live in a quiet Valrico neighborhood say they’re frustrated with a resident who has turned a front yard into a helicopter landing pad.

"Like living in an airport is what it sounds like to me," said Wayne Cohick, one of many people who are fed up.
"It's completely unacceptable," said neighbor Kelly Sullivan.
The peaceful sounds of nature you would expect to find along a road lined with tall trees and open fields are being shattered by helicopter rotors cutting through the air.
Neighbors said it has been taking off and landing from the front yard of a gated property at 2706 Little Road.
"The helicopter has been going on for about two or three weeks now. He's been doing fly-over's, buzzing the tree tops," Michael Sullivan said.
While we were outside the gate, someone pulled up in an SUV. They would not say who they were but told us to call the FAA.
The FAA said it has no private helicopter landing area registered to the address.
The Florida Department of Transportation said Thursday it is now stepping in and is in the process of issuing a cease and desist letter.
Property records show the house was bought by Ralph Odom in 2009 before being sold to a trustee for $100 last year.
We have not been able to determine who lives in the house currently.
Even if the front yard could be used as a landing pad, people who live in the area said it simply isn't neighborly.
"The convenience of having a helicopter is not worth the inconvenience it's causing to all us neighbors," Dan Ferguson said.
Hillsborough County Code Enforcement said a helicopter landing area on private property requires special use approval by the board of county commissioners.
It is required to be at least 500 feet from a dwelling or property zoned for residential use.
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