Gang members targeted in Eastern Hillsborough

Hillsborough County deputies have wrapped up a seven-month effort called Operation SURrender, after SUR-13, the gang targeted by investigators.
The operation rounded up gang members in the eastern area of the county, including parts of Plant City, Seffner and Dover.

Seven men were arrested, all from the gang SUR-13.

"We looked at the actual gang itself, which is comprised of over 300 members," Col. Donna Lusczynski said. "We wanted to target the ones committing the most violent crimes, to include carjacking, drive-by shootings and armed robberies."

The Sheriff's Office admits seven arrests may not seem like many considering the size of the gang. But the group arrested is comprised of the gang’s worst offenders. Pulling them off the street shows gang members that no one is untouchable and tells the public that streets are safer.

“We want to make sure they're living in an area that is safe. And they feel comfortable in their neighborhoods. And they are not threatened by these thugs who are out running the streets creating havoc,” Lusczynski said.

According to the Sheriff's Office, they know of 19 gangs in Hillsborough County with 1,800 certified members.
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