13-year-old allegedly solicited at middle school for oral sex; Mom upset more hasn't been done

School district: "We took this very seriously"

TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. - "I have no words. I have no words at all," said Andrea Ajagbe.

Emotions still reeling, Ajagbe reached out to ABC Action News for help. Her daughter is currently an 8th grader at Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace. According to Ajagbe, the 13-year-old has been the victim of constant sexual harassment and bullying at school by two male students who, she says, regularly solicit the teen for oral sex, despite her repeated refusal.

"For two weeks, the student has been asking her in the class, in the hallway, do you, will you? He even went so far as to grab her head and pull it toward his crotch," said Ajagbe.

The teen first told her mother about the harassment on Monday.

Ajagbe started calling everyone from the principal of the school to the area director on Tuesday morning looking for answers - punishment for what was done to her daughter.

Days later, she says she feels like the school system let her down. But according to the school district, they took this complaint very seriously.

"We investigate immediately when any parent, or any child, comes forward and says they're not comfortable in school, that there's a problem in school," said Tanya Arja, spokeswoman for Hillsborough County Schools. "They immediately take action and that's what the principal did."

According to Arja, administrators at the school individually interviewed Ajagbe's daughter and the two male students accused of the harassment. The student who is alleged to have physically grabbed the teen girl was suspended for three days, according to the school district.

The principal also reported the incident to the Temple Terrace Police Department. Police, along with the state attorney's office, are now looking into the possibility of filing simple battery charges as a result.

The second male student did not receive any punishment.

"Why is the school not held accountable? What is the school going to do," Ajagbe asked still quite upset with how the incident was handled.

"At this point, I don't feel like they've done anything that has brought resolution to my daughter."

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