Seffner mom arrested for neglecting her kids in the middle of TS Andrea

Toddlers were found wandering Hwy 92 alone

SEFFNER, Fla. - Ashley Johnson had just left work to grab a bite to eat with a couple of coworkers when she saw them - two little boys, holding hands and running straight for Hwy 92 in Seffner.

"I thought for sure there was going to be an adult somewhere close by, but when we got closer to them, I realized there was no adult around," Johnson said.

This happened on Thursday in the middle of Tropical Storm Andrea.  An arrest affidavit says, "the weather conditions were severe to include heavy rain and tornado warnings."

In an exclusive interview with ABC Action News, Johnson said when she found the boys, ages 1 and 2, they were all alone on the highway wearing next to nothing. She says they were soaked, shivering, and filthy.

Johnson and her friends immediately pulled over, scooped the kids up, and called 911.

"They were just covered in bites, fecal matter, mud, everything," she recalls.

After wiping them down, cell phone photos show how the good Samaritans used blankets and jackets to warm the boys up.

According to the sheriff's office, the children's mother, Justina Roe, admitted she fell asleep while she was supposed to be watching them. Deputies say it took more than an hour before Roe, 21, even realized they were gone.

Jail records show Roe lives just down the road from the highway at 6020 Indigo Spire Trail.

Roe was arrested and booked into the Hillsborough County jail where she remained Friday night. She is being charged with two counts of child neglect and violation of probation.

Records show she was on felony probation for possession of meth at the time of this arrest.

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