Hillsborough County Commission to hear plans for deadly Seffner sinkhole site

The Hillsborough County Commission will hear a progress report on what to do with the site of the deadly Seffner sinkhole. A plan is on the table that includes a memorial to the man who lost his life that tragic day.

But some say it doesn't go far enough.

"This was it and now this is all we have," Janell Wicker Wheeler said through tears.
A chain-link fence, danger signs, and a mailbox to nothing now mark the spot where almost one year ago a sinkhole swallowed Jeffrey Bush, 37, as he slept in his bed on Faithway Drive.
Wheeler was there when it happened. She was sleeping in the bedroom right next door.
Not a day goes by, she doesn't think about it.
"Every day," Wheeler cried. "Every day."
Right now, plans are being finalized for the county to take ownership of the land where Wheeler's family home once stood along with two others. On Wednesday, Hillsborough  County Commissioners will be updated on the nearly $90,000 proposal for the property presented by the Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Department. 
The plan includes adding fencing, densely-packed plants, a new sidewalk, a gate, and a concrete pedestal and memorial plaque. The report states that county staff have met with Bush's family to discuss preliminary designs. 
But Wheeler says she's concerned their plans do not go far enough. She wants the county to consider installing a memorial with a broader focus. 
"We have no family home to have gatherings, to have holidays, to have birthday parties," she said. "I would like to see something memorialized for us that lost family homes."
According to county staff, the current blueprints are still preliminary. If the county commission approves the project, staff says they're going to continue to consult with the victim's family and the community on its eventual design.
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