County releases video of Seffner sinkhole that claimed life of Jeff Bush

SEFFNER, Fla. - Hillsborough County released video of a sinkhole in Seffner that swallowed Jeff Bush in his sleep, and the new images provide the clearest view to date of the hole estimated at 60 feet deep. 

"Oh wow," said Rachel Wicker, reacting to first viewing the video.  Wicker is engaged to Jeff Bush's brother, Jeremy, and has his two-year old daughter.  

Wicker and her daughter were getting ready for bed just a few rooms away from Bush when the sinkhole opened in the middle of the night back in February. "It looks totally different," she said, in noticing the depth.  

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue crews shot the video using equipment from a contractor on the job. A tiny camera was placed on a pole and inserted through Bush's bedroom window. 

"I really didn't notice stuff at the time. I was just worried about getting her, calling 911 and going," Wicker said while pointing out Bush's personal belongings on the fringe of the sinkhole, items such as Bush's hats, a picture of his mother on the wall and a pin from her daughter's birthday party hanging on the door. 

Wicker said she will show the video to her daughter again, years down the road, to help explain what happened to Jeff Bush. "Just rest easy, Jeff. We love you," she said in viewing the final moments of the video. 

Hillsborough County recently condemned the homes on either side of the now vacant lot where the sinkhole opened up.


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