Weekend Adventure gets down and dirty at Mud Titan mud run

It's one of the newest and dirtiest fitness trends going… Mud Running.

Get an open field, pump in some water, build a few tortuous obstacles to work around and folks will flock to you.

Filthy fitness, with a camaraderie few other events can equal.  Perfect for our next adventure... that is until we were up and over a hill… and face to face with the "Lord of the Rings."

"The strategy is to grab the first ring and get some momentum going," explained Race Organizer Mike Nelson. "You want to swing… This is not a muscle.  It is a technique."

Our technique... and results were less than stellar.  Rings three.  Weekend adventurers zero.  Thoroughly humbled, we asked Mud-meister Mike what we'd  gotten ourselves into.

"It's 3.5 miles.  There's 35 obstacles," he said.  "A lot of the obstacles are very beginning level, but then there's spoke intermediate level and the ones we're gonna see today are the more advanced things.  I don't want people to freak out and say Oh my gosh I can't do that."

But Ashley had HER misgivings.

"If someone's not up to one of the obstacles," she queried, "is it encouraged to just walk through the mud?"

"No," replied Mike matter-of-factly.  "It's called burpees, so you've got to give us ten burpees, ten up downs."

Too bad Ashley didn't join John and me on the under the stair-climb… it wasn't awful…

The transition into the rope swings was…

Mucky, hobbled and humbled, we had little trouble understanding why they call this a mud run!

But we had one more challenge to test our... teamwork! Challenging the rope wall climb... together.

"So the first one's gonna get em up and the last guy's just gotta make it happen," said Mike.  "So that's the whole value of doing teams."

Finally, he gave us our final "grades."

"The attitudes are great," he said -- to set us up with something positive.  "And you gotta have a great attitude.  Number two, you have great spirit about you you work together good.. Physically, you just gotta keep working that's all."
Oh well,
 it was fun!
"1-2-3 titan up!"
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