Cell phone call saves woman after falling into sinkhole

Says it was lucky she had her phone with her

PLANT CITY, Fla. - Imagine walking through your own backyard... and having that ground give way. 

A Plant City woman says that's just what happened to her when a sink hole opened in her yard after heavy rains.

And she says her cell phone helped save her life!

Carla Chapman fell into a hole approximately 24 inches in diameter and nearly seven feet deep Monday morning.  Lucky for her, she had her cell phone, and was able to contact her husband... and call 911.

Officer William Osmanski was first on scene, and said he saw "just fingertips" when he arrived.  He reached into the hole and grabbed Chapman by the wrist to keep her from slipping further idown, but he was unable tio lift her from the rapidly closing in hole.

The Officer held onto Chapman until Plant City Fire Rescue and other police officers arrived to help pull her out. Chapman and Officer Osmanski were both transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Later, after being released, the two reunited for a time at the house, pointing out the hole and marvelling how it could have been much worse.

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