Darrin Campbell is seen on surveillance video buying $600 worth of fireworks days before deadly fire

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Surveillance video from inside Phantom Fireworks on East Fowler Avenue shows Darrin Campbell buying $600 worth of fireworks three days before a deadly fire at his $1 million Avila home.

The salesperson who dealt with Campbell told ABC Action News that Campbell showed up just as the store opened about 9 a.m. Sunday.

Campbell was described as being "calm" and "like any other customer."

The salesperson added that Campbell told him he was doing "early Fourth of July shopping" and had come to take advantage of a half off coupon.

A store manager said there was nothing unusual about Campbell's purchase which included aerial fireworks.

"This is nothing to be alarmed about as far as a customer making a purchase," said Rocky DiRoma with Phantom Fireworks.

The type of fireworks purchased are consumer grade or could cause a house fire like the one that presumably claimed the lives of Campbell, his wife and two teenage children.

An autopsy showed that all four of the deceased had gunshot wounds. As of Thursday, the medical examiner was still not able to make a positive identification of the bodies.

Gas cans were also found at the scene and detectives say Campbell also purchased those items.

It is unlikely the fireworks played a role in the deaths.

"These are typically used for any type of celebration or any type of holiday, event, birthday," DiRoma said.

ABC Action News called on pyrotechnic expert, Steve Zigmont, to go into more detail about these fireworks and any damage they could cause of ignited inside a home.

"If you put a firework shell in the house and it ignited in the living room, you will have damage and slight fire, it is not something that you'd run out of the house or your house has now exploded," said Zigmont.

Zigmont, who owns and operates Zigmont Pyrotechnics in Tampa, is licensed in seven states and trains fire marshals. He said fireworks like this should be stored in a garage but not inside a home.

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