Counterfeit cash ring found during Dover home drug raid

Secret Service called in to investigate

DOVER, Fla. - Lawmen raiding a compound in Dover for drugs found machines and material to make counterfeit currency and checks, Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies said.

The homes, off Dover Road, were sandwiched between two churches. Undercover deputies moved in shortly after dawn, searching for methamphetamine and guns. Detectives say they found both. They also found a small quantity of counterfeit $20 and $100 bills, along with a large amount of blank checks.

Deputies believe the suspects were using the blanks to print counterfeit payroll checks. "They were usually making the checks in the amount of just under $300," said Hillsborough Sheriff's Corporal Janak Amin. "We don't know how many they've done. We've got a box with 500 blank checks in them. That's about $150,000 right there."

There are three homes in the compound. Two of them contained counterfeit bills or equipment to produce the currency. Deputies seized cash, checks, a 12 gauge shotgun, drugs, printers, computers and copiers from the two homes.

Two suspects were taken away in handcuffs. Deputies said Alan B. Parker and Peter Schmid were to be charged with uttering a forged instrument, possession of methamphetamine, and counterfeiting. 

Both suspects declined to comment as they were being led to a waiting patrol car.

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