Cabins at Church of God Campground in Wimauma burn for second time in a week

Cause of fires is undetermined.

WIMAUMA, Fla. -  When David Adair was awakened by firefighters pounding on his door early Wednesday morning, he couldn't believe that for the second time in less than a week, a fire was ripping through one of the nearby cottages.

"I thought, 'Oh Lord.  Not another one,'" recalled Adair.

The most recent was less than a hundred feet from where Adair lives with his wife.

"It's heartbreaking, really, to be honest, that someone would stoop so low to set somebody's house on fire.  You know, that's the bad part of it," Adair said.  

The cottages are part of the Church of God Campground in Wimauma.  The church owns the land, but not the buildings; they're individually owned.  The one that burnt down last week was empty and has since been cleaned up.

The fire Wednesday morning destroyed a cabin that was recently renovated by the owner who lives out of state.  The flames spread to another unit nearby that was not being lived in.

"At this time, we don't know if the fires were pre-set, or if it was something accidental.  But, it's just weird that they happened in the same area," said Jerry Mace of the Church of God campground.

Although Hillsborough County Fire Rescue says the cause of both fires is still undetermined, one of the possibilities being considered is arson.  A cash reward is an incentive for tips from the public.

"We're very concerned about it.  We have a little over a hundred acres here that the Church of God owns.  We have about a hundred and twenty cottages, cabins on the grounds and we're very concerned," explained Mace.

Today, the church was holding their scheduled Feeding America outreach drive for people in need.  Many of those in line for the food have close ties to the church, and opinions on the fires.

Daniel Deleon says the community has a history of respecting the church property.

"It does surprise me, a lot.  Because everybody in this community knows that this is church property around here; everybody does.  So for someone to do that, to the church, you know, that's just disgraceful, that's disrespectful," said Deleon.

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