Summer robotics camp helps kids learn science and math by making it fun and hands on

BRANDON, Fla. - The Terminator Elites are have trouble getting going, but the Robo Hippis Sarah and Brianna are already rolling.

"I'm really into science so I kind of want to be a biologist or an oceanographer and that requires a lot of good work in math," said Sarah.

The robotics summer camp put on by the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center is designed to teach math and science, but makes it fun.

Robotics Instructor Allan Dyer says the teaching concept is called STEM. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. All working together to solve problems.

"They go from building the robot to doing these elaborate programs and competing in challenges and to see that success is fantastic." said Allan

Todays competition is an obstacle course.  Program your robot on the computer, then see if it can get through. If it gets held up, and they all do at first, re-program to finish the course.

And with a little tweaking the Terminator Elites get moving. Sarah and Brianna are also making progress. And as two of only four girls in camp, they want to make it through first.

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