Renowned artist in the middle of neighborhood dispute over yard filled with garbage

Owner being fined $1,000 per day

BRANDON, Fla. - A renowned artist who is no stranger to controversy is in a bitter neighborhood dispute that boiled over into the Hillsborough County Commission meeting on Wednesday.

Seymour Eldridge said despite thousands of dollars in fines, his neighbor will not clean up all the trash and debris collecting in his neighbor's yard.

"When people come over and they see this, they are in shock. They go, 'What's going on? Why is your home next door to this dump?'" Eldridge said.

The owner of the home is James Boggs, known as J.S.G. Boggs in the art world. He's best known for his drawings of money featured in museums around the world.

Boggs was even featured in a documentary on the Discovery Channel about his work with money and trying to trade it for clothes or other services.

He's been arrested several times over the years but never convicted of counterfeiting.

Now this new controversy could end up costing the artist.

Hillsborough County Code Enforcement continues to fine Boggs $1,000 a day since December. He's up to more than $190,000.

"The fine hasn't motivated the property owner to comply," said Jim Blinck, head of code enforcement.

Eldridge brought his frustrations to the county commission meeting Wednesday morning, urging the commission to help get the property cleaned up.

"Something needs to be done," Eldridge said.

Blinck tells ABC Action News he will research the property again to find out if there's anything more that can be done. In some cases, the county can foreclose the property and take it over, but that may not work in this instance.

"We're going to research it to see," he said.

Boggs promised the county six months ago that he would clean up the property but still hasn't.

During a phone interview, he said some personal issues got in the way, but he plans to work on it again next week.

He also said he is going to request another meeting with county officials.

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