Rally to support Israel larger because of news about canceled flights

Images of battles in the Gaza Strip Tuesday spurred members of the Synagogue Simchat Torah to show support for peace in Israel.
They prayed and held signs along Providence Road in Brandon.
“There are deaths on both sides,” member Chuck Fossum said. “They are people, families, people who care about each other. It should not be going on."
He recently returned from a trip to Israel and said he wants to go back this year regardless of the growing danger that grounded U.S. flights for 24 hours.
Fossum said he would go back in a “heartbeat.”
"You know something,” he said. “It's either here, there or we will be with God in the air."
Rabbi Ralph Messer from Simchat Torah says, "This has done nothing but rally the people who have always been kind of asleep."
He has American and Israeli citizenship. In two months he will lead his second trip this year of more than 100 people to Jerusalem. The U.S. ban on flights into Tel Aviv doesn't worry him. He said the international airport is one of the safest in the world. 
"When you fly into Israel, there are two fighter jets that are on both wings as you take the 747s in," he said.
Rabbi Messer thinks the U.S. grounding of flights for 24 hours is a political show. 
Fossum said the message from here must be clear.
"Peace for Israel right now,” he said. “Peace for them would be peace for everyone else."
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