Local man thanks doctor for using the Heimlich to save his life at St. Pete Grand Prix

BRANDON, Fla. - A bay area man says he owes a doctor his life.  The local chiropractor saw Robin Harris choking on a piece of food.  Harris is saying thank you.

Dr. Scott Elliott's life-saving skills came into play at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, nearly two weeks ago. His wife saw Harris choking on a piece of sausage. Harris said, "I wasn't paying attention to what was going on and I took a big bite out of this thing and it just stuck in my throat and I knew I was in trouble."
A couple people tried to give Harris aid, but it didn't work. Dr. Elliott said, "I ran over there and the other fellow actually moved aside and ... I don't know.  I guess my former training kicked in."

Dr. Elliott had first aid training in chiropractic school and gave Harris the Heimlich Maneuver. Dr. Elliott said, "I just tried to get under there and really kind of explode up, and not worry about hurting his ribs or anything like that.  It's just about getting the food out."

Harris said, "It's a panic because I have heard people that don't make it when that happens and so time was of the essence."

Dr. Elliott was just in time. The food came out and Harris was breathing. By the time he collected his thoughts, the good doctor was gone. So today, Harris went to his office in Brandon to show his gratitude, giving Dr. Elliott a hug and saying, "Thank you."

Dr. Elliott hopes the incident serves as a lesson to others to learn the Heimlich, because you never know when it could save someone.

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