Suspect killed in deputy-involved shooting in Bloomingdale area of Brandon

Hillsborough County deputies shot and killed an armed suspect Tuesday morning in the Bloomingdale area of Brandon. 
It happened around 5:00 a.m. off of Bloomingdale Avenue just east of John Moore Rd. at 3117 Bloomingdale Villas Court.
Neighbors reported a man walking around with a 20-pound barbell weight and a large butcher knife.  He was reportedly threatening to cut another man in the neighborhood. 
Sheriff David Gee said deputies Steve Gutierrez, Marina Stroud, and James Maiello responded and found Lew G. Tyree II, 41, with a bloody knife trying to break a window.  Deputies later learned Tyree had stabbed a cat.
Deputy Gutierrez deployed a stun gun, which failed to stop Tyree.  
Deputies repeatedly asked the man to drop the knife, but he didn't.  Tyree turned towards them and made threatening comments from about five feet away.
In fear for their lives, the three deputies fired their guns.  Gee did not know how many times each deputy shot their weapons.
Neighbors said "it sounded like a machine gun" around 5:30 a.m.
Tyree was taken to Brandon Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
No officers were injured in the incident, and all three were place on administrative leave as part of standard procedure.
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