Investigators say teens with fireworks started Friday's fire in Fishhawk

LITHIA, Fla. - Hillsborough County Fire Rescue crews and Florida Forestry firefighters are credited with quickly putting out a large brush fire Friday near Fishhawk in Lithia.  Investigators say teens with fireworks accidentally started the fire.


A total of 10 acres were involved, and fences made of PVC at two homes burned and melted from exposure to heat and flames. 
The fire was under control after about a hour.  The fire was stopped at the fence line located about 20 to 30 feet from homes. 
There were no reports of injuries to civilians or fire rescue personnel.
Witnesses stated that a few teenagers were playing with fireworks prior to the incident, and an investigation confirmed fireworks were the cause.  The fire was categorized as accidental.
The juveniles and their parents will be placed in an intervention program designed to educate, train, and show the consequences of a fire.
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