A friend of two girls shot outside a Brandon Waffle House tells what she saw and heard that morning

Shooting happened early Saturday morning

A gunman opens fire at a Brandon Waffle House early Saturday morning injuring two girls.


Altaneisha Washington, 19,  recalls the moments she heard gunshots outside the Waffle House on Lumsden Raod in Brandon.  


"When I heard the gunshots I immediately just dropped to the ground and tired to scoot as close as I could to the window," Altaneisha said.

"Just a bunch of gunshots."


She and three of her girlfriends decided to go to the restaurant shortly after 12:30 Saturday morning. Princess Beniot, 16, and Briana Reddick, 20, decided to stay in the car.


Altaneisha and another friend, Ashley Seller went inside to pick up their take-out order.


As she walked in, she says she saw Matthew Laine walk right past her and out the door.


"We were inside for like maybe two minutes before the shooting started," Altaneisha said.


Hillsborough deputies say Laine walked outside and began firing at the SUV Beniot and Reddick were in. 


"Immediately, when the shooting was over and I looked up and the doors were open on the car, and all the glass was out, I immediately thought my friends were dead," Altaneisha said.


Altaneisha says her friends told her Laine walked out of the Waffle House and to the front of the SUV they were sitting in.


He then looked at them, pulled out a gun, and fired 15 rounds through the windshield.


"From my understanding Briana saw him," she said." From my understanding he smiled at her before he began shooting."


Beniot was cut by flying glass as the windshield shattered into pieces. Reddick was hit by bullets in her arm and leg. Both were taken to Tampa General Hospital and treated. 


Altaneisha says both are doing fine. They're all still in a little shock about what happened. "You wouldn't believe like something like that would just happen like so randomly," she said.


Altaneisha says she doesn't know Laine or why he targeted her friends. 


Being 9 months pregnant, she also knows the situation could've been much different. 


"I just thank God, because it could've been worse than what it was," Altaneisha said.


Laine is charged with two counts of attempted second degree murder and remains behind bars.

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