Zeus the 8-month old mix puppy was euthanized shortly after being dropped off at Animal Services

Dog had been brought in for adoption

Laurie Boynton loves dogs.  She even volunteers at Hernando County Animal Services.  She took a picture of Zeus, an 8-month old mixed puppy, when he was brought in to Animal Services for adoption.  A short time later Zeus was dead.

"I was sick.  I mean literally I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach.  It was so unnecessary," recalled Boynton.

Animal services employees had euthanized the dog the same the day it was dropped off.  

"The policy is that owner-surrendered dogs are kept for a minimum of seven days.  In the case of Zeus, that obviously did not happen," said Mike Nickerson, Director of Public Safety for Hernando County.

According to staff at animal services, there was not enough space for Zeus to be held.

Once word got out that Zeus had been euthanized less than hour after arriving at the Hernando County Animal Services, frustrations boiled over.

A message was left on the voicemail at the Animal Services office.

"You apparently just wrongly euthanized and killed and murdered a dog that was up for adoption," said an unidentified male voice.

This unknown caller goes on to threaten employees from Animal Services during a profanity-laced message.

"I'm going to place a bomb and kill everybody.  Everybody that works there, I'm going to murder in retribution for this dog.  I'm going to place an explosive device and just bomb that place," the caller explained.

Brooksville police are confident they will find the person who placed a total of six threatening calls.

"The threatening phone calls alone are violation of the law.  But also the bomb threat is a violation of the law.  So he has some pretty serious charges facing him," said Brooksville Police Chief George Turner.

Hernando County Commissioners want an investigation into how Animal Services handled Zeus.  And will take up the matter Tuesday morning.

"I'm pretty mad, because I care very deeply about animals," said Boynton.

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