Woman, cats found in deplorable conditions at Brooksville campground

BROOKSVILLE - When deputies were called to the Hidden Valley Campground in Brooksville, they found an Airstream trailer and a tent in an overgrown lot.

The trailer was uninhabitable, overrun with with rats and insects, according to a sheriff's statement.

Deputies determined the woman they were sent to check on, Susan Kay, was living in the 10x10 foot tent.  When they entered the tent, they were overcome by the smell of feces and urine.

Inside the tent were a number of cages containing 18 cats and a parakeet.

According to the statement, "Deputies advised that the cages were made of metal and normally weighed approximately five pounds.  Due to the large amount of newspapers and feces inside the cages (some of which was a foot thick), the cages weighed approximately 70 pounds."

One cage was piled so high with excrement that the cat inside had only six inches to move around.

Kay was cited for 18 counts of animal neglect.

During the removal process, three of the cats escaped, and a cat trap was set in case they returned.

The felines were being evaluated to determine which ones are adoptable. 

Animal Services is reaching out to other rescue services and the public in an effort to get them adopted. Those that do not get a new home will be euthanized, according to an Animal Services spokesperson.

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