Witnesses describe chase that led to fatal crash

Former stripper Brittany Miles on trial for murder

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - It was a typical morning for Henry McCain.  The 66-year-old was riding his black Suzuki Motorcycle on May 10, 2011. He was off to meet friends. But he ended up in the wrong intersection at the wrong time.

"Everything went through my mind real fast.  Oh oh, that's going to be trouble," said witness Tom Rumminger, who was driving on US 19 that morning.

Rumminger told a jury Tuesday morning, he saw Brittany Miles speed past him on US 19 with deputies chasing her. Then, as she reached the intersection at County Line Road, he saw a cloud of dust and the victim laying in the road.

In December, Miles was sentenced to 15 years for injuring a Pasco deputy as she escaped a DUI stop. Now she is on trial in Hernando County, charged with first degree murder for running down McCain and killing him.

Deputy Christopher Greifenberger was involved in the pursuit. He told the jury he was hoping McCain would see Miles' truck before it was too late. "I saw his head turn from where I was, and look straight at the truck.  The truck struck him about 60 miles an hour and continued driving."

Her defense will try to convince the jury this was an accident, committed, they say, by a good person whose life spiraled out of control because of a prescription pill addition.

As she did in her Pasco County trial, Miles will take the stand in own her defense, but won't deny her actions led to McCain's death.

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