Home intruders caught on camera, captured through the power of social media

Investigators put video on web site and Facebook

WEEKI WACHEE, Fla. - A couple of intruders in Hernando County may have picked the wrong house to try and steal from.

The thieves were not only caught on camera, but also got caught up in this new era of the internet and social media.

David Patascher, who admits he's a technological geek, has a sophisticated web of surveillance cameras hooked up through his home wireless network.

"It's great, I can pull them up on my iPhone and checkout all the cameras and see if anything is going on," he said.

Earlier this month, something was definitely going on. Patascher got a call from his alarm company, notifying him that someone broke through a side door.

Patascher and his wife were in Tampa at the time, but pulled up the surveillance cameras on his phones and saw two unwelcome guests at his front door.

"I saw two assailants, pulling on my doors and peaking in for ten minutes trying to see if we were home," Patascher said.

Once the pair got in through a side door, an alarm sounded and they ran off.

But they apparently couldn't run fast or far enough. Soon after it happened, the video they were caught on, went viral.

Investigators put it up on their web site and on Facebook.

"Anywhere between I would say 30 minutes to an hour, I had my phone ringing, and emails being sent to me," said Det. Vincent Gargano with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

It turns out other police agencies knew the two suspects, a boyfriend and girlfriend identified as Shahid Kalam and Domenique Lumsden.

Kalam had just been arrested in Brooksville and bonded out for trying to steal an ATM. Now both are facing even more charges -- and getting a lesson in the power of Facebook and the internet.

"It's really a perfect example of technology and the community, businesses and law enforcement all working together," Gargano said.

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