Surveillance video shows violent deputy crash

One deputy killed, another injured in July pursuit

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. - Authorities say newly released surveillance footage shows Michael Anthony speeding down Broadstreet in Hernando County with law enforcement in pursuit.

But one of the deputies, Sgt. Brandon Ross loses control and in a flash of light crashes into a power line and a parked pick-up truck.

Investigators say another security camera nearby recorded Deputy John Mecklenburg following Anthony's car. It also recorded audio of Sgt. Ross's crash. He suffered only minor injuries.

But moments later, Mecklenburg, a married father of two young children, crashed his cruiser into a tree and was killed.

Video shot by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office shows the wreckage. It was an impact so violent the engine was thrown from the car.

A witness said Mecklenburg was trying to spin out the suspect when he crashed.

All of this video is evidence in the State Attorney's case against Anthony, who they are trying to classify as a habitual offender.  He was on probation at the time of the July 3, 2011, crash and has a criminal history including theft and drug charges.

Deputies say they first started chasing Anthony as he sped through Brooksville, driving the wrong way on US 41 nearly hitting other drivers head on.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Anthony told investigators he was smoking crack during the chase. He told them he smoked $1500 worth in two days.

Sgt. Ross said he actually saw Anthony lighting up as they chased him.

Deputies were able to spin Anthony's car off the road. Deputy Mecklenburg and others attempted to block Anthony's car, but he managed to drive away before they could get to him.

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