Tempers erupt at county meeting over noise from exotic birds

SPRING HILL, Fla. - A Pasco County planning meeting turned into a shouting match Wednesday afternoon. Residents living on Porshe Place in Spring Hill directed their anger at neighbor Connie Kloss, and it's all because of birds.

Kloss and Michael Lentz have 70 exotic birds in structures on their property. Kloss says it started as a hobby, but now she and Lentz breed them.  "They are just so loving. Each one is different, each one has a different personality," said Lentz.

"They get the best treatment. They have somebody that feeds and waters them everyday. They have the radio on, they get misted every day," said Kloss.

Some neighbors disagree, saying the birds are not cared for properly.

But what bothers them the most?  The noise.

"They just annoy me. You're just sitting outside. And they make noise all the time," said neighbor Joe Trapuzzano.

The couple says most of the time the birds are quiet.

"Do you hear them right now? They do not scream all the time," said Lentz.

As we found out, they do get loud when strangers invade their space.

Kloss and Lentz  are fighting for a special zoning exception to keep the birds. County staff members who have been to their property are recommending approval for the exception with some conditions.

The exceptions include limiting the number of birds to 70 and keeping a hundred foot barrier between the birds and the neighbors.

"They bug me. I don't think they should have that many birds in a residential area," said Trapuzzano.

"These birds. They are my kids. I mean they are just as important as my grandkids," said Kloss.

The public hearing where this matter may have been resolved was actually postponed until next month. So the battle of these birds continues.

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