Spring Hill home condemned as sinkhole widens

Homeowner rushes to clear out belongings

Officials are still closely watching a massive sinkhole that opened Saturday in Spring Hill.
Homeowner Linda Fisher tells ABC Action News her house will be condemned and she has until noon Tuesday to clear out her belongings.
While a digger ripped out chunks of asphalt from in front of her home, Fisher got help packing up what she could before it's too late.
"[I’m trying to save] everything we can, because that's all I have, and now I'm homeless," she said.
Linda wasn't home when the earth collapsed in front of her house on Eldridge Road Saturday afternoon.
The sinkhole eventually grew to about 40 yards across and 30 feet deep.
"They are saying right now it's stabilized. But if it rains, things could change any time," Fisher said.
Before a geo-technical consultant investigates the sinkhole Tuesday, crews cleared out debris, loading it into a truck to haul away.
Louis Daniels took it all in from his front yard while enjoying a cigar.
"I already know it's bad. They got to tear it up before they can fix it," said Daniels.
Despite having this hole next to his house, he said, he slept just fine last night.
"Maybe I'm not bright enough to worry about it, or I don't know enough about sink holes," said Daniels.
The scene looks bad on the outside of the house. But Linda also showed us pictures of the damage inside her house.
There are cracks throughout, she said. Doors do not fit right and the pool deck is falling into itself.
She said she doesn't even know where she's going to sleep.
"What else can I do? I just got to move forward, try to found housing, and go on, which is inconvenient," said Fisher.
Fisher said she only bought the house 18 months ago. But those who have lived in this neighborhood for decades tell us they've never had any issue with sinkholes before.


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