Hernando County couple is no longer waiting to have the overgrowth cleared away next door

Foreclosed property had extensive overgrowth

SPRING HILL, Fla. - "It's terrible," Becky Amendola said Monday.

The overgrown property next door had her and her husband Bill at their wits' end.

"Today, I feel like hugging everybody.  Yesterday, I was disgusted.  Today, I'm elated," smiled Becky.

As the roar of a lawnmower echoed from next door, and a weed eater ran on high, Becky took it all in.

"It's music to my ears, to see that it's finally getting done," explained Becky.

Our story on Monday showed how the foreclosed property next door to the Amendola home had grown into its own habitat.

After we aired the couple's complaints, Lender Processing Services sent a crew that quickly got to work.

"Yesterday I was not a happy camper.  And I don't know why the banks can't take care of all the foreclosures," Becky said with a hint of frustration.

Lender Processing Services told Action News they work with mortgage companies to resolve issues as quickly as possible. And they'are pleased this property was done in that manner.   

"We're very very thankful that these people worked very hard to get that grass down to nothing," Becky remarked as she stared at the much improved front yard.

"What a difference a day makes," said her husband Bill.

"And ABC Action News came to my rescue," Becky said.

While the Amendola's are certainly glad to have the overgrown property next door cleared, they say their real hope is that it doesn't happen again.

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