Fired deputy arrested for impersonating an officer

Hernando deputies arrested a recently fired Wisconsin deputy after, they say, he was seen posing as a local law enforcement officer and demanding identification.

Authorities with Hernando County said Ryan Romano, 32, and Sean Sherron got out of a silver Chevrolet pick-up truck and confronted the occupants of a vehicle in a Taco Bell parking lot.  In plain clothes, Romano identified himself as a law enforcement officer, produced a badge, and requested identification.

The men in the truck told the victims they "caught a break tonight," and left after one of them became suspicious and asked the men for badge numbers and said he would call 9-1-1.

The victims were able to provide deputies with a good vehicle description and a tag number.

Later in the day, deputies responded to another call at the Spring Haven Apartment complex.  Two males were reportedly posing as law enforcement officers. 

Ryan Romano and Sean Sherron were found in the parking lot by a silver Chevrolet pick-up truck.

Romano told deputies he was a "retired" Deputy Sheriff from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and provided police identification for that agency.  

The Kenosha Sheriff's Department told deputies that Romano had been terminated one week earlier.

Deputies questioned Romano and Sherron and learned that Romano had initiated the "police contact" in the Taco Bell parking lot earlier that day.

Romano was then arrested for Impersonating an officer.

Sherron was not charged with a crime, since he did not identify himself as a law enforcement officer.

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