Extreme overgrowth of foreclosed property has Spring Hill couple upset at lack of enforcement

SPRING HILL, Fla. - "I've never lived next to anything so bad.  It's terrible," said Becky Amendola.
She and husband Bill Amendola are at their wits end over having to live next door to a foreclosed property.

"Very disgusting," Bill quipped.

Becky added. "I'm embarrassed, I'm very frustrated."

For four years, the property at 6439 Landover Blvd. in Spring Hill has sat empty.  And over the summer, things have really gotten out of hand.

Some of the overgrowth is nearly as high as the gutters on the house.
"I'm disgusted because as a senior, if I can take care of my property, they should also be responsible for taking care of their property.  And that to me is an insult to my character," Becky said.

The Amendola's say they've had no luck reaching out as taxpayers to get the property cleaned up.  In the meantime, the lawn has gone from overgrown to a complete habitat.

"Exactly. And I don't know if they're snakes in there or what.  What animals are lurking in there.  What person may be lurking in there at night," Becky said as she pointed to the overgrowth in the backyard.

For the Amendola's, the neglected, overgrown property next door is more than just an eyesore.

"We're seniors and the thought comes to your mind is 'Are you safe in your own house?' And the way this place is, it entices the bums and drug people to come in and use the house; maybe to live it it even," explained Bill Amendola.

Hernando County spokesperson Brenda Frazier told Action News in a statement that during a foreclosure,

"The County is limited as to the enforcement of the property maintenance ordinance.  Code enforcement has been communicating with Specialized Loan Services, who indicated they would have the lot mowed," said Frazier.

The sound of lawn equipment would be music to the Amendola's ears. 

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