Deputy with cancer receives donated flight on private jet

SPRING HILL, Fla. - For most people, a ride on a private jet is considered a privilege.  To Dan Witt, a ride on the jet that's parked at the Brooksville/Hernando Airport could be the difference between life and death.

"I've got a tumor.  It's in my stomach.  I mean you can see it pretty clearly here, I look about nine months pregnant, and the tumor's growing rapidly in there," explained Witt, pointing to the large lump under his shirt.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputy and father of four was being treated locally by cancer specialists, until recently.

"My doctor had told me that that was pretty much the last thing that they could do there.  And he gave me about two months," recalled Witt.

Doctors at the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston agreed to see Dan. The only problem was getting there.  Driving was too risky, and Dan's tumor prevents him from sitting upright, so commercial flights were out. 

Enter Jet ICU.  After learning of Dan's plight, they teamed with Jet Concepts as well as deputies from Hernando and other counties to make the flight a reality -- at no cost.

"Dan is a protector.  And Dan, at this particular point in his life needs help from from the people that he protects," said Bill Honeycutt, the owner of Jet ICU.

Deputy Witt said the offer came out of nowhere.

"It was nowhere in the picture and I had two months left.  And then all of a sudden there's a jet here and we're heading out.  People call it coincidence, people call it step in to help;  I call it answered prayer," Witt said.

Dan Witt knows that the flight to Houston is just one part of the trip.  It's what the doctors will tell him about his cancer that weighs on him most.

"I have played this trip over in my head.  They're going to get out there and take a look at me and see things, and see that there's no other options.

But, you know, I pray that's not the case.  And if they get there and they tell me there's something they can do for me, I mean that will just be, It'll be amazing."

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