Authorities looking for driver in deadly hit and run

Fatal accident in Spring Hill

SPRING HILL, Fla. - A woman is dead, after she was run-over by a car, late last night. Tonight, state troopers need your help finding the driver, who left the scene of the accident.

Marie Silva says she hasn't slept, after hearing the news her friend, 54 year-old Rose Porter, was hit by a car. Silva said, "That took my best friend. Somebody that I really appreciated. I mean she did a lot for me. I did a lot for her and now there's a void. An empty void that can't be fixed."

Porter lived in a home, in Spring Hill with Silva for three years. Yesterday, she told her she was going for a long walk. Silva said, "She had Schizophrenia and she was Bipolar and every once and a while, she would just take off i guess to think."

State troopers say Porter was walking along Shady Hills Road, when a vehicle hit her, late last night. FHP says she died right on the road. A passer-by eventually saw her and called for help.

Brij Patel manages Citgo, just down the street from the accident. Surveillance video from the store shows Porter stopping in and buying some items from him, 2 hours before she was hit. Patel said, "She came in. She was normal. She's one of my regular customers. Always comes in. Very quiet. No problems."

State troopers say are asking anyone who may know about the accident to contact them, giving Marie Silva the peace of mind she's looking for. Silva said, "I just want whoever did it to come forth and at least admit they did it, so we can have a little bit of closure."

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