Spring Hill neighborhood wary as sinkhole continues to grow

SPRING HILL, Fla - A sinkhole has people in a Spring Hill neighborhood on edge.  A gapping gash in the earth is growing at the corner of Eldridge Road and Van Allen Way. 

The hole opened up Saturday night and has been expanding ever since.  It's impacting one home which has been codemned.

The deepening depression, which is now about 40 yards wide and over 30 feet deep, has become clear enough for people to flock to the area to get a first hand look at the latest settling of soils. 

Louis Daniels didn't have to venture far.  He lives right next door to the hole, but he's not about to lose any sleep over it.

"I slept good last night," he said. "Maybe I'm not bright enough to worry about it, or I don't know enough about the sinkholes, you know."

A contractor working with Hernando County is expected to come and fully investigate the hole.

"In this area, I've seen at least a dozen over the past 10 to 12 years," said Dominick Sinopoli, a project manager for a Tampa-based ground-modification company.   But, he has to wait for that engineering study and report before he -- or anyone else in the sinkhole mitigation business -- can do anything.

"Is this gonna get bigger before they can get it filled in?"  I asked him, noting the heavy rains that are forecast for later today and through the week.

"It would be plausible for it to get bigger. I don't know for sure, but I'd bet my money on it getting a little bigger before they fill it in," Sinopoli said.

Which means it may creep closer to Louis and his home.

"I'm thinking I'm on solid land now," he said.  "Now, you have a little concern I guess."

As of this point, only one home is still evacuated, while residents of two other homes have been allowed back to their property. 

Since this is a hole centered on a road, the county contractor's arrival is key to getting this neighborhood back to normal.

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