Severe weather causing damage, flooding on Hernando County roads, residents asked to stay inside

HERNANDO COUNTY - The Hernando County Sheriff's Office is asking residents to stay inside due to severe weather and numerous impassible roads.

Many roadways are flooded or damaged and  travel is not recommended.

More rain is expected in the next few hours. If you must drive, officials recommend the following guidelines:       

-  Avoid standing water
- Watch for wires that have fallen
- Watch for trees that have fallen in or near the roadway

If you have a true emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call 9-1-1.

Officials are asking that people avoid the following Hernando areas, as most of them are dangerous or impassible:

*       Fort Dade Av/Cobb Rd.
*       Cortez Blvd/Cedar Ln
*       Mitchell Rd (in the area of 7483)
*       Candlelight Bv/Cortez Bv
*       Moonlight Ln/Candlelight Bv
*       Broad St/Oliver St
*       Broad St/VFW Rd
*       Wiscon Rd at Wal-Mart
*       Wiscon Rd/Horselake Rd
*       Barnett Rd (the entire road)
*       Lowes on 41 (parking lot)
*       Twigg St (in area of 852)
*       Greenbriar Villa Circle (entire road)
*       Cortez Bv/Buckhope Rd
*       Campers Holiday (entire development)
*       Estates Av/Fort Dade Av
*       Mylander Way/HCSO
*       Braewood Mobile Home Park (entire development)
*       Wiscon Rd/Broad St
*       Cortez Bv/Barclay Av
*       Citrus Way/Fort Dade
*       Commercial Way/St Andrews Bv (entrance to the Heather)
*       Mitchell Rd (entire road)

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