Sergeant, a Chihuahua, escaped while the 12-year-old was in a coma following a deadly accident

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla - A little girl left crippled in a motorcycle accident that killed her father was reunited with her beloved dog this week thanks to a determined animal control officer.

Jazmine Lee, 12, was involved in a motorcycle accident in October 2012 that left her in a coma.  Her father, Thomas Lee, passed away a few weeks after the accident.  Jazmine suffered brain damage, cannot walk, cannot see, has limited use of her hands and limited speech ability.

Following the accident, Jazmine's beloved six-year-old dog Sergeant, a Chihuahua, went to live with a neighbor.  Sergeant, according to family members, was a well-known escape artist.

On March 5, Sergeant dug under the fence.  He ended up escaping with another Chihuahua.  A neighbor, according to Citrus County deputies, tried to run after the dogs.  Sergeant ran off and sadly, the other dog was hit and killed by a motorist. 

Neighbors continued looking for Sergeant but did not have any luck.  That is because a person driving down Turner Camp saw Sergeant and picked him up.  Deputies say the person tried to locate Sergeant's owner despite the dog's poor condition.   Ultimately, the person, who is not being named, decided to keep the dog.

A Citrus County Animal Control officer ended up locating Sergeant this week.  He explained to the adoptive family the story and they decided to return Sergeant to Jazmine.

Sergeant was taken to Jazmine's home on Dee River Road Thursday night. 

According to Jazmine's mother, Sergeant has been 'glued' to Jazmine's side since he was returned.

Jazmine's family hopes Sergeant will be therapeutic and help her recover.

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