Man killed in shootout with Citrus. Co deputies

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. - A Citrus County man is dead after a shootout with deputies. An investigation into what happened is still ongoing.

The Sheriff's office says it started when the suspect, David Barclay. forced his way into a house where his estranged wife lived on Tuesday night. They say he was demanding to see his son.

“We know that he’s had previous mental issues, in the past, so I think he just snapped," said Citrus County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lindsay Blair.

Records show there was already a domestic violence injunction against Barclay.

Another woman with a young daughter also lived there. They were able to escape and knock on neighbor Jim Lynch’s door.

“She was saying about Dave coming in the back, broke through the back with a gun and started shooting," said Lynch.

The woman called 911 and before the SWAT team even got set up, four deputies found themselves in a shoot-out with Barclay.

“I didn’t hear the initial gunshots, but at the end, that’s when I really thought it was bad," said Lynch.

As it turns out, the Sheriff’s Office says, deputies shot and killed Barclay and no one else was injured..

They are thankful the woman who got out of the house was able to call for help before Barclay hurt anyone.

“You look back and say wow, we are glad she had some instinct about her to go 'I gotta get help and I got to get out of this house,'" said Blair.

The Sheriff's Office wouldn't say how many shots were fired from both sides.

The deputies are on paid administrative lead during the investigation, which is standard procedure.

Action News is not naming the people who were in the house or the exact address, because they are victims of domestic violence.

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