Hundreds of propane customers in Spring Hill are without heat, hot showers or working stoves

SPRING HILL, Fla. - More than 400 Hernando County homes are without heat, hot water, and working stoves after an explosion Monday at the Heritage Propane Plant. The explosion sent one worker to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"This is what I was about to make last night," explained Danielle Johnson, pointing to chocolate cookies on her dining room table.

Every year, on the week before Christmas, Johnson makes 8 different kinds of cookies, but her stove is 2.5 miles away from the burnt propane tank.

"Wouldn't turn on. I turned it off. Nothing," Johnson said. "Touched my hot water heater. Cold as could be."

Her teenage son, Christopher, was in the middle of taking a shower.

"Cold to the point where you're putting shampoo and body wash on at the same time and washing it off simultaneously. It was cold," he laughed.

The Johnson's are eating out and taking showers at friends' homes, hoping their propane is restored soon.

"It's a major, major issue," Danielle said.

Judi Engel lives across the street from the Johnsons. The families are just two of hundreds of customers without propane in Spring Hill.

Engel's dishes are piling up in her sink.

"We have water. Water's great but cold water doesn't cut grease, cold water doesn't do any good," Engel said. "I'll make it. I hope others are resourceful too."

Extra crews are in town to help make repairs, which Heritage Propane hopes will restore propane to all of their customers by Wednesday evening.

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