Hernando family has sinkhole under their bedroom

Worry grows after Seffner tragedy

WEEKI WACHEE, Fla. - Sadly, a tour around the Furlow's dream home in Weeki Wachee involves pointing out cracks in every room.

But nothing tops the sinkhole that developed under the couple's bedroom.

They first noticed it in August 2011.  "We were terrified, sad.  I think we've gone through every emotion there could be," said homeowner Tina Furlow.

Those emotions now include anger, because the couple has sinkhole coverage with Citizens Insurance. Yet the hole remains and it just keeps getting bigger.

That's why they've brought in  a lawyer.

"Obviously we are concerned about Tina and John because the sinkhole has gotten worse and we've been making efforts to reach out to Citizens to help expedite the situation," said attorney Joseph Porcelli.

They've been dealing with this sinkhole for more than a year and a half. But now, after what happened in Seffner, there seems to be more urgency from the insurance companies to do something about it.

"We are nervous about being in there. We have lots of people calling from up north wondering.  'Get out of that bedroom, get out of that bedroom.'  It's devastating," said Furlow.

I talked to Citizens Insurance, and while they say they can't comment on the Furlow's case because it's in litigation, they say customers with sinkhole insurance can expect to be covered for their losses, but the process can take a while.

They also say they haven't changed their policies after what happened in Seffner. But they have seen an increase in the number of claims.

John Furlow, a Vietnam veteran just wants their home fixed. "I served my country, I did the best I could do, I'm a good provider, I try to just lead a nice peaceful life, things happen like this."

They are not the only ones to have sinkhole problems. The Furlows say seven other homes on their street alone have dealt with them, although none are quite this bad.

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