Hernando deputies warn of online ads touting huge earnings for part time work

"It takes advantage of people who are desperate," said Detective Bill Horvath, with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office Economic Crimes Unit.

Horvath has a warning about an online ad for a part time job that hints of big earnings.

"It's all just a scam," he said.

The ads are tailored to look local, like the one claiming a Brooksville mom is earning nearly seven thousand dollars a month.

"It looks legitimate," said Horvath.

A loosely referenced news story is included in an attempt to strengthen the credibility. The story is accompanied by several logos from national news outlets.

"People have respect for CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, USA Today and CNN," Horvath explained.

The idea is to get you to sign up for one of the job openings that will have you posting links to websites.

"They're not really exposing themselves at that point until they start inputting information that they're asking for," Horvath said.

Things get dicey, with the exposure to identity theft, when people begin to offer up credit card numbers for the right to join the company; or bank account numbers so they can be paid with direct deposit.

A domain search of WORKHOME4ON.COM, that anyone can do on a site like Go Daddy, reveals that it belongs to an address in the Ukraine.

"As far as what can be done about these scams, they're originating out of the country.  it's very difficult for us to even  track these locations down that are doing this," said Horvath.  

In the end, detectives say it comes down to personal responsibility.  And that people should be more diligent about what they click on while surfing the internet.  And to remember the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true,  chances are it probably is too good to be true.

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