Hernando County deputies say Bradley Fenters, 25, threatened his mom and brother with a sword

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla - A 25-year-old Hernando County man is facing two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after deputies say he threatened his mother and brother with a sword Thursday afternoon.

Bradley Fenters is being held without bond.

According to an arrest report, Fenters and his mother engaged in a verbal argument and when she tried to go into his bedroom he threatened her and then his brother with a sword.

Fenters' mother and brother were able to leave the house unharmed even though Fenters followed them and struck the door several times with the sword, deputies say.

Fenters was taken into custody near Knuckey Road and Hurricane Drive.

Deputies say Fenters told them he threw the sword in a neighbor's yard.  Deputies say they found the sword in that yard.

An arrest report states multiple slash marks made by a sword were found inside the residence as well as parts of the sword's handle.

A background check on Fenters showed he's been arrested seven times in the past two years.  The charges against him ranged from violating probation to assault.


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