Authorities investigate what could be a history of abuse involving father

A 1-year-old boy whose father is accused of suffocating him Thursday had a fractured rib from previous abuse, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.
Cody Wygant, 24, of Homosassa  is accused of killing Daymeon, his son, so he could continue playing Xbox. He is charged with third-degree murder and willful child neglect in his son’s death.
Authorities said his 3-month-old child also is hospitalized with injuries related to abuse.
Detectives haven’t identified the children’s mother, but they said she and other adults were home at the time of the murder.
The 911 call related to the boy’s death was released Friday by the Sheriff's Office. You can hear the mother trying to get help after discovering her son unresponsive and blue Thursday morning.
"Are you right by him now?" the 911 dispatcher asks her.
"Yes, my boyfriend is administering CPR," the mother says.
Wygant later confessed to suffocating the child, deputies said. It occurred in a Homosassa trailer that Friday had a sign reading "No Comment! Go Away."
"It's inconceivable,"  Lt. Brad Smith of the Citrus County Sheriff's office said of the death.
Authorities said Wygant was playing Aliens: Extermination on his Xbox and wanted to stop his son from crying.
"He doesn't say that he was trying to kill the child," said Smith.
Smith tell us Wygant held his hand over the boy's mouth and nose for three to four minutes until the child became lethargic.
According to detectives, Wygant then tightly wrapped his son in blankets, which kept him from getting air.
But five hours passed as Wygant played more Xbox and watched three episodes of the TV show Fringe.
"You would have to think that you know you are going to kill the child," Smith said.
Back on the 911 call, we hear the child's mother take over trying to revive her son while Wygant talked to the dispatcher.
"I'm emotionally distressed right now," Wygant tells the dispatcher.
Investigators tell us the living conditions inside the trailer were deplorable, and a HAZMAT crew had to check the residence before detectives went inside.
Detectives won't elaborate on what the mother was doing while her son was suffocating and in the hours that followed, but they say both parents tested positive for drugs.
The couple moved to Citrus County in January from California. Wygant has an extensive criminal history there that includes a rape charge.
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